Why Pet Photography?

Anyone who’s ever owned a pet knows that their lives are tragically short. One day they’re young and silly, the next they’re in the twilight years of their lives.

I’ve seen many family pets come and go over the years, but it’s even harder when it’s your own best friend who has come to the end of their life. Caesar was my constant companion for 12 years and by the time I could take reasonable photos of him he was an old man with failing health. Action shots had been mostly out of the question with my dodgy old smart phones and photos of the 2 of us together were few and far between. Many wonderful memories, but nothing worth printing and putting on the wall.

I wish now that I’d had good photos of him when he was young and healthy, photos that were well lit, properly framed and taken by someone who could bring out the best in a dog’s personality in front of a camera. Things that back then I just couldn’t do.

Now I can and I have hundreds of wonderful photos of Delilah and Emmett, my current dogs. Many of these will become wall art that we can enjoy while they grow with us as a family, which will become even more precious once they’re gone.

Best friends when they’re not fighting

And that’s why I believe that investing in photos of your pet is so important. Dixon Photography only supplies products which are manufactured in Australia to the highest quality, meaning you can continue to celebrate their lives with art work that will provide joy for decades to come.

RIP my beautiful Caesar: Feb 2005 – August 2017

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