Warm weather romping

When the weather warms up we modify dog walks to take into account snake activity, but also because Delilah is not a fan of the heat and likes to cool off in as much water as possible!

We have a lake very close by which is perfect for this, but sometimes I like to jump in the car to visit a dog offlead area in Darebin Park between Thornbury and Ivanhoe (inner city suburbs of Melbourne). There’s a large grassy area for the dogs to play and zoom, as well as a path which winds along the creek and comes out at a gorgeous water hole where they can splash around and swim. It’s also a wonderful spot for photos, even in the middle of the day when the sun is at its harshest, as it’s well shaded by trees.

We have a lot of other favourite spots to visit (the old Olinda golf course and Torquay dog beach in particular), but this is close to home and so beautiful that it’s hard to beat!

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