I’m based in the northern suburbs of Melbourne and the studio is out east in Bayswater, but will travel (almost) anywhere for a photogenic location! My favourite places are in the Dandenongs and around Victoria’s surf coast as well as a few around my area. If you have your own preferences we can chat about it or I’m happy to make a recommendation based on what you’re after.

Session duration

Most sessions take 1-2 hours from start to finish. This will vary based on the animals concerned and how quickly they embrace their new modelling career.

If you’re after a mixture out outdoor and studio photos there may be additional time needed for travel between locations.

Weather complications (or I live in Melbourne and the weather is nutty)

Outdoor photo shoots can provide beautiful photos but they can also pose challenges! In the event that the weather is going to prove more of a challenge than is comfortable for anyone, the session will be postponed to another day with more suitable conditions. Studio sessions can be carried out regardless of weather.

I don’t have a dog or a cat, will you still take photos of my pet?

Definitely! While I mostly work with dogs, I’d also love to meet any other non-human family members you have – tell me what you’re after and we can make it happen!

I have multiple dogs/cats/tortoises/guinea pigs, is that ok?

More than one pet in the family? No problem!

What about human family members?

Pets have beautiful relationships with their people and seeing that in a photo is amazing! So I love involving non-pet family members in shoots.

My pet is impossible to take photos of, how can you make it happen?

Every pet photographer has a bag of tricks up their sleeve, and with a bit of creativity and a whole lot of patience even the most challenging pets can become modelling superstars.

One of these tricks is a pet photographer’s best kept secret – we Photoshop out leads, treats, toys and people! That dog who looks like they’re sitting so patiently all on their own in a beautiful location? They really had their owner right next to them holding their lead in one hand and a tasty treat or fun toy in the other. All it takes is a bit of digital magic to fix this.

Some pets will happily sit and pose even when their owner doesn’t expect them to, while others won’t sit still for anything. However, with a bit of technical know how and good timing even the most hyperactive animals can be captured in a moment of calm.

Before the shoot day I’ll also ask you questions about your pet to determine what will work best to keep them happy and focused on the camera, every animal is an individual but there’s always something that will motivate them.

I want you to take some photos of my pet(s)! What now?

Give me a call or send an email so we can get to know each other. I have a questionnaire for every owner to fill out which gives me an idea of the personality of their pet and ideas about how to approach the shoot. Once that’s been received I’ll put together a plan for the shoot and once that’s approved by you we can get the wheels in motion to make some gorgeous photos of your pet.

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