On the 31st July 2017 we said goodbye to my beautiful old dog Caesar. He was so healthy for most of his 12 years, but his kidneys were just too tired to keep going.

Caesar a few months before we lost him

At first I thought we’d have a dogless period and enjoy some freedom before making a  commitment to another dog, but the cat steadfastly refused to learn how to shake paws and there were just too many beautiful rescue dogs around.

So on the 9th September 2017 we welcomed 1 year old Delilah (nee Cookie) into our home from Project Underdog Rescue. She immediately started to work on eating said home. And peeing on it. And shedding on it. She crashed into our lives and into our hearts and just as we’d started to get used to her special brand of crazy, she suddenly settled down. It seemed that after her trips from a rural pound to foster care to our house she just needed some time to relax into something more stable.

While she’s not quite the large, elderly, sedate dog we were used to, she’s come a huge way in the few months we’ve owned her and she is so utterly adored. She’s the happiest little dog who radiates pleasure about being alive and loved.

Delightful Delilah

it goes without saying she is also very well photographed and features on this website, Instagram and throughout various Whatsapp groups where my very patient family and friends put up with hearing about her latest antics!

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