Tyler Street

Today I began a new photography project at some local shops and associated residences. It’s always been spot which fascinates me as it’s an odd mixture of thriving businesses, homes, unused shop fronts and rubbish, making it interesting to photograph It’s also an area which may see a huge increase in high density in the future so it feels important to document it now in case it becomes new and shiny one day and loses its character.

I lived for many years within walking distance of this place, and while many of the shop fronts appear disused, they are rarely abandoned. Many act as residences, while others have hosted pop-up shops or community centres. Some are in a transitional period, awaiting re-leasing, while others have been occupied by established businesses for many years. I’ve met many of the local traders over the years and they’re exceptionally friendly.

I’ll be gradually uploading the photos here so be sure to check them out!


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