On the 31st July 2017 we said goodbye to my beautiful old dog Caesar. He was so healthy for most of his 12 years, but his kidneys were just too tired to keep going. At first I thought we’d have a dogless period and enjoy some freedom before making a  commitment to another dog, but … Read moreDelilah

Diner en Blanc

Last Saturday I was a part of the photography team for a fantastic event at the Treasury Gardens in Melbourne- Diner en Blanc. It’s a wonderfully photogenic event, with a large crowd dressed in white, but even more so given the garden location! I only spent a small part of the evening taking photos (the … Read moreDiner en Blanc

Wet weather

It’s been a very wet in Melbourne lately and everyone has had enough of being damp and cold. Nevertheless, it’s beautiful the way it brings people together, from the rampant umbrella sharing to many people offering the homeless warm food and drinks. It also makes bright colours pop out against the dreary grey of a … Read moreWet weather


I’ve been brave/foolish and taken my cameras on boats before, usually in slightly precarious situations involving sails, speed and a small chance of capsizing. But ironically my digital camera’s first proper encounter with water occurred on a very peaceful row boat when my partner “accidentally” splashed me with an oar (retribution will be fierce). So … Read moreBoating


Hello and welcome to Dixon Photography. This website will give you information about the services I offer, as well as an understanding of my photography style. I have a background in IT and science so am fascinated by the technical aspects of photography, but also love working with people and animals. If you’re interested in … Read moreWelcome

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