Investing in artwork of your beloved furry/feathered/scaled friend is a wonderful way to celebrate their uniqueness and special place in your family, not to mention make your walls look beautiful. The below collections are customisable to your needs, whether they be a specific style of artwork, custom size or mixed sizes/shapes. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss pricing and products in more detail.

Before your session is confirmed a deposit of $150 is required to reserve the time and date, this then becomes a credit towards collections or wall art. There is a minimum spend of $260 for wall art.

Payright interest free instalment plans are available for purchases over $500, making it easy to invest in artwork. Click here for more information.

Since your artwork needs are just as unique as your pet, there are plenty of options available. Whether you’re after a collection of individual pieces or just one large, beautiful “hero” photo, Dixon Photography has you covered. The Artwork Assistant has been designed to provide examples of some of these options.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are an amazing way to treat the animal lover in your life. Whether it’s for a special occasion or just because, they’ll love the flexibility of receiving a voucher to spend whenever they are their non-human family member are ready. Vouchers are custom printed with the recipient’s name and postage is included.

Click here for more information.

Digital Dogs

Not into wall art or you’re already out of wall space? There’s always room for digital files!

For just $1700 you can take home a USB stick filled to the brim with 25 high resolution JPG files that are ready to be emailed to everyone you know, shared throughout social media or printed at a later date.

(I would always recommend leaving the printing to me however as it’s a headache free process when you can leave the print optimisation, colour management, ordering and delivery to someone else)

Individual Wall Art Pieces

Sometimes you’re just after a couple of beautiful photos and there are plenty of options available – click here for sizing and pricing information. Art work comes in traditional frames, wood block, canvas, framed canvas and metal prints and in a variety of shapes and sizes. All Australian made and archival quality.

Finding it hard to decide? Contact me to have a friendly (and obligation free) chat about what I can recommend based on the photos you’re after and your existing decor.

Or course sometimes it’s still too hard to choose just one or two photos, which is where collections come in…


Save 10% when compared to purchasing individual wall art pieces.

Each collection has artwork available in canvas, framed canvas, wood block or acrylic. If you like what you see, but want to mix things up a little then a custom collection may be for you. The 10% discount applies when you order 3 or more pieces from one session, so either check out the individual wall art pricing or give me a call to find out more about pricing and options.

Patch Collection

1 20×30 inch
2 20×16 inch

Prices start from $692

Delilah Collection

1 20×30 inch
4 14×14 inch

Prices start from $860

Emmett Collection

1 30×30 inch
4 14×14 inch

Prices start from $992

Basil Collection

1 40×30 inch
2 20×30 inch

Prices start from $1206

Pup Art

Just like Marilyn Monroe, our pets deserve to be turned into works of art! Regardless of how you feel about the Pop Art movement, it’s hard not to love bright colours.

Pup Art is custom made from an image captured during a studio shoot with Dixon Photography and can be printed square (with 4 images) or portrait/landscape (with 6 images). Pricing is the cost of the wall art plus $200.

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