Exhibition time!

Being somewhat of a shy person I’d never considered submitting any work to an exhibition before, but Darebin City Council announced that they were taking submissions for an exhibition for local artists just as I was beginning to plan something fun: Resin coated photos!

I’d made small versions of this in the past, but this time wanted to go bigger with a couple of photos I took in The Philippines earlier this year which were intended as a matching pair.

A4 size. Image courtesy of Ria from Matte Image

Side view with bonus toaster

The process involves attaching the print to an art board or other rigid board, I hand made mine using a pine frame to support the back and MDF cut to size for the front. It’s somewhat tricky to make neatly and resin is very sticky so prone to collecting fluff and holding onto air bubbles, but the results are really beautiful and a nice alternative to traditional framing.

Ramping up the size

Resin pour

Skip ahead past the rest of the resin pour, 2 days of drying and a whole lot of sanding I had 2 lovely big pieces

Its new home for the next month

There are some amazing pieces of art work from local artists and it’s free to view the exhibition so well worth checking it out.

More information can be found here.

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