Book review: How Stella Learned to Talk

Earlier this month the always fascinating podcast Ologies hosted Christina Hunger, a speech pathologist from California, and what she had to say about dog communication was inspiring! She had observed parallels between her young speech pathology patients and Stella the puppy’s communication to the point where she decided to begin her own communication experiments with … Read more

“My dog will NEVER sit still…”

Everyone says or thinks this at some point in their dog’s life (or all the way through it) and sometimes this is enough for them to give up on ever having a great or even acceptable photo taken. My own dog is a bag of nuttiness a large amount of the time; we had to … Read more

Photoshop before and after

While getting everything right in camera is definitely the way to go, sometimes a little more work is necessary. In many cases processing a RAW image in Lightroom is enough, but these are examples where a little more work was required after that to remove distracting elements. I also gave them a little more attention … Read more