About Dixon Photography

My name’s Heather and I run Dixon Photography from the Northern suburbs of Melbourne. I have a background in science and technology and love to go on adventures, both big and small. I’ve owned and adored many different pets all my life and have had a photography obsession for nearly 20 years, so specialising in pet photography was a very easy decision to make.

I know my dogs are the best dogs on the planet, but firmly believe that yours are too! They’re all special in their own unique ways, which are a joy to explore with you and them during a photography session.

A love of animals is carried with me wherever I go, whether it’s rescuing yet another spider from the bathtub (I swear it’s the same one every time), or getting home late because I stopped to pat a cute dog on the street and then got caught up chatting to their owner. An animal’s well being and comfort is therefore the highest priority when taking their photo, which ensures that the experience is a fun one for all involved.

I’m also a passionate advocate for pet rescues so when I have spare time I volunteer to take photos of the beautiful rescue dogs and cats being cared for by Victorian Dog Rescue.

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