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Thanks for stopping by, my name is Heather and capturing photos of your beloved pets is what I do. Dixon Photography also consists of 2 rescue dogs who help test new props and lighting, and my partner Alex when I need a human helping hand.

Together we create beautiful art work as well as a fun experience that you’ll always remember. Everything is (literally) focused on your pet and who they are and I will stop at nothing to bring out the best in them, even if it means cleaning sand out of my camera. Again.

About Dixon Dog Photography

Dixon Photography is based in Melbourne, Australia and was founded upon a love of animals, art and photography gadgets. I know my dogs are the best dogs in the world, but yours are too! How lucky are we?!

I am often found rescuing spiders from the bathtub (I swear it’s the same one every time) or getting home late because I stopped to chat at the dog park for….a while. I wear black skinny Levi jeans a lot because when mud/drool/miscellaneous plant life dries it flakes off and I don’t have to wash them very often.

Some of my favourite things are dog paws, alliteration and coffee.

I’m also a proud advocate for pet rescue so when I have spare time I volunteer to take photos of the beautiful rescue dogs and cats being cared for by Victorian Dog Rescue.

Black jeans that will look spotless by the time I get home

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Reliable & professional. Produces the most fantastic photos!
I Highly recommend Heather! She was able to capture some truely beautiful last photos I had with my beloved golden retriever before she passed away. Not only is Heather passionate about her work which shows in her photos, but also patient and kind 🙂
I went Bundoora market today after seeing a post on FB...lovely person who worked very hard with my puppy to get a great shot!! Can’t wait to get my print
Very creative, innovative and hard work photographer. Always try to give 110% effort for any job. I am very lucky to have friend like Heather.
Most amazing action shots of our aging Jack Russell's. Made them look 5 years younger as the photos show them leaping and running across the grass. Love them.

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